April 30th, 2022 – ALL EVENTS CANCELLED


Due to inclement weather, today’s Points Race #3 has been cancelled.

Please keep in mind these decisions are not made lightly. There are those who will be disappointed we did not make the decision sooner to accommodate for other plans that could have been made. There are those who will be disappointed we cancelled too early in respect to current conditions. We take BOTH aspects into consideration, always, with hopes we maintain balance as well as make the appropriate call for the club and all our young racers.

Today’s weather is forecasting the possibility of severe storms, including hail, lightning, and tornados. Our biggest concern is shelter for safety. The grounds do not have enough shelter to accommodate all our families that attend a typical race event in the event of severe weather.

Please bear with us as we work through unpredictable conditions and know that the safety of you and your children are at the forefront of these decisions.