Midwest Lightning Regional #2 – ALQMA June 18, 2022

2022 Regional News Release

Schedule June 18th – ALQMA

• Participation in all 4 events is required to qualify for Regional points & trophy (class must have a minimum average of 3 cars to trophy)

• Registration will be through paypal, @midwestlightning and is $35 per car (choose friends & family when sending and make sure to include the driver’s name and car classes).You will have until 9:00pm the Wednesday before the regional to register. (See below for late registration stipulations) * There will be no refunds of paid registration fees.On the Thursday before each regional, a list of all those that have registered will be posted on the facebook page. Please check this for your driver’s name. There will be no refunds of paid registration fees

.• Event Rules Curfew is at 11pm with Regional Board’s discretion.Race time limits
• Heats & Lower Mains: 20 minutes
• A-Mains: 30 minutes
*If a race times out under green, racing will continue to the next flag (yellow or checkered). If the 1 to go flag is given, the race will be considered green and the next flag will end.Lap Counts
• Rookies: Heat-8 / A Main-15
• Jrs: Heat-10 / Lower-15 / A Main-25
• Sr: Heat-15 / Lower-20 / A Main-30Schedule
Sign Ins & Painting -Friday Evening – 6:00-8:00pm & Saturday 7:30-9:00am
Drivers’ Meeting 9:30am Saturday
Racing Start Time 10:00am Saturday**Late registrations will be allowed at sign-ins. These drivers will be added to the back of the field and will receive no passing points.

⚠️ Code of Conduct forms will be available at the sign-in table. Everyone must sign in order to
race. We as a region will hold you accountable for your team’s actions. If you do not conduct
yourself in a way that is conducive to a children’s sport, you will be asked to leave.

**** Regional Board Nominations ****
July 23rd
Open nominations forms will be gathered at this regional for the 2023 board. Nominees will be announced via Facebook. Voting will take place at the last regional of the season. You have to have been signed up for 3 regional events to be eligible to vote for the new board members.